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Comprehensive Credit Union Solutions

CUAlliance delivers high quality insurance products and advice to credit unions looking for an insurance partner with a robust set of products and unsurpassed customer service. Our professionals will work to understand your individual needs and craft the best insurance solution for your credit union at competitive prices.                                                                                                                                                                                         We will work with your credit union to:  

-Increase your Revenue

Our consultative partnership and ancillary products will assist your credit union in generating additional income.

-Provide you Options

We offer innovative and highly-competitive insurance products to deliver alternative options for your credit union.  

-Save you Money

We will work with your credit union  to explore crucial cost savings and help to improve your bottom line.    

-Protect your Assets

Our portfolio of comprehensive solutions will set the stage for future success and help protect your most important assets: your members!  

-Make it easy

We work with your schedule to provide your staff with the training and support necessary to be successful.


Say “Yes” to More Members with Auto Loan Protection

Auto loan protection allows credit unions to say “yes” to more members with risk factors below policy requirements.  The loan protection is essentially like GAP for lenders in that it can recover some or all of the deficiency between asset liquidation and what is still owed.  Auto loan protection safeguards credit unions and helps to increase auto loan yield. Additionally, the program allows credit unions to liquidate a repossessed asset without going to auction.

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